As we go through life, we can always look back at our past and think, "If I only knew what I know now..." You Always Have OptionsSM exposes you to principles that empower you to make better financial, career, and political decisions.

The goal of You Always Have OptionsSM is to provide products and services designed to make you aware of your options by presenting the knowledge and skills necessary to take control of your future. You Always Have OptionsSM is the foundation for a way of life. Everything that is associated with You Always Have OptionsSM revolves around giving you access to the tools and information needed to make the best possible decisions.

Live each day aware of the opportunities available to you and you are more likely to make choices that allow you to live a healthy and productive life. It is time that you take more control of your future. It is time you know your options!


Guiding Principles for Managing Money is the first book in the You Always Have OptionsSM series. This book discusses financial concepts in a simple and direct way, allowing you to maximize the value of every dollar you earn.


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